Christmas lasts a month in Edinburgh

Christmas lasts a month in Edinburgh

I do not want to fool you with the headline. Not that they enjoy for a month of vacations, much less, but in the Scottish capital begin to celebrate Christmas when it has not yet finished November. So, not surprisingly, they presume that theirs is the best New Year’s Eve party in the world. One of the events that concentrates most of the festive programming is Edinburgh’s Christmas, which takes place in the gardens of Princess Street.

The festival includes a wide variety of activities that also include the shops, restaurants and all kinds of local in the city so that the celebration is entirely global. In this way it is not surprising that Edinburgh overflows with enthusiasm and joy at Christmas, making it an ideal destination to enjoy these holidays. If you do it in the company of children, they will enjoy it. Otherwise it will also be an unforgettable experience for the adults who participate in this trip, meeting again with some elements that will return them to their infancy.

And one of the most representative images of Christmas in Edinburgh is the huge Ferris wheel that can be seen from almost anywhere in the city, especially at night, when the lights surround it with a total magic. As if this were not enough, a large ice rink is set up at the end of November, which delights both adults and children. This year will be the largest of all installed outdoors in Europe.

To this must be added the traditional Christmas market of Germany, the herd of reindeer of Santa Claus that can be seen, the popular Scottish marathon of Santa Claus or the Winter Wonderland. This is only a small part of what is part of the official programming, although there are many other activities that are generated in the city during the Christmas days and which entail many magical surprises to discover in Edinburgh. For example, the shops turn around with the celebrations and, in addition to extending their opening hours, present some interesting discounts to encourage sales.

The starting point of all this Christmas festival will be next November 26, from five-thirty, for when it is planned to produce the official lighting of the lights. The lighting will not go out until the beginning of January, so you have more than a month to enjoy this Christmas. One more reason to travel to Edinburgh.

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